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H​i. I am Ezra Temitope Obiwale. I have been called other names (nicknames) by friends all over. Some of these include Topman, Teeman, Ezzie, Topsytop, and others I fail to remember.

I have created this site as a means to present myself to the whole world. All anyone would need to know about me is here. Just help yourselves to the navigation bar at the very top of every page.

I want you to understand one thing - I am a man of great integrity, with the fear of God and will do everything to preserve my integrity. I loathe dishonesty and draw away from the dishonest. That is my ultimate put-off. Pick that, and you already know a large part of me.

Now, I leave you to enjoy all I have put up here. Don't forget to drop me a note on the contact page. I'll definitely love to hear from you.